Spotify stops selling e-cards in the US

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Posted 15 Oct 2011 — by
Category Spotify

Spotify uses more or less the same price scheme as Apple does. 1 US Dollar = 1 Euro = 1 GBP and if you live in the Scandinavian non-Euro countries 1 Euro = 99  kroner. Easy solution, but how fair is this?

Let’s look at what you pay for one month Spotify Premium in different countries.

No wonder that all European users envy those in the United States. But they quickly found the perfect workaround. Contact someone in the US and have them buy you a Premium e-card for a year.

Spotify must have noticed that this workaround became very popular. They started by removing the E-cards for 6 and 12 months in the US. Then 3 months cards were pulled and as of this week the US site says:

But I’m sure users are working on another workaround to benefit from the low US price.

Users in Denmark, Norway and Great Britain can contact their friends in the Euro countries to strike a bargain. Premium e-cards for 1,3,6,and 12 months are still available. Maybe you had better hurry?


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