Spotify on your audio system

Listening on your computer or mobile is fun, but how about connecting your audio system to Spotify? Let's explore the possibilities.


The cheapest solution is of course connecting your computer or laptop with your audio system using an audio cable. If you have an Apple TV or Airport Express device you can also make a wireless connection.

But controlling playback from your computer or laptop all the time is probably not what you prefer. 

Remoteless to the rescue. Good news. You don’t even need a Premium account, the app works with all Spotify accounts, Free included! A remote for Spotify on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device to control Spotify from your couch via WiFi.

You can import your playlists and play them from your lazy chair. Louder, softer, next track, previous track, no problem. You don’t even have to stand up to start Spotify. During playback your device shows the album cover and the track info.

Remoteless is available in the iTunes App store or Google Play (Android) You need to install the Remoteless helper on your computer to make it work. This Remoteless Helper can be downloaded at

Sound quality:
Max 320 kbps (Premium account)

Bluetooth Music Receiver

Another cheap and versatile solution. A Bluetooth Music receiver allows you to play music from your smartphone or tablet to your hi-fi system or car stereo. Just connect the receiver to your stereo and you can play all Spotify music using your smartphone or tablet as the controller. And if your laptop or netbook has Bluetooth you can connect these as well. 

But there is more! You can stream music from other apps and as well.

The Marmitek BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver costs just €34.95 / GBP31.95

You can also use this little receiver in your car! Plug it in the Aux port and enjoy!

Sound quality:
When using the Spotify mobile app 320kbps. (make sure you tick Extreme in the settings)
In case you use a laptop or netbook and a have a Premium account: 320 kbps.

Apple AirPort Express

Airport Express is a wireless network router that you plug in to your stereo using a regular audio cable. You send the music over your WiFi network to the AirPort Express which will pass in on to your audio set.

To stream the music from your computer to your Airport Express you need to install Airfoil.($ 25) or Porthole (€ 11)



Of course this works with all Spotify subscription plans, Free included.

To control playback you can use the Remoteless iPhone App as mentioned above.

Sound quality:
Max 320 kbps (Premium account)

Apple TV

You can also use Apple TV in combination with Airfoil.($ 25) or Porthole (€11). Mind that Apple TV can only be connected to your stereo with an HDMI cable or and optical cable.

But there is more! When you have a Spotify Premium account and an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can stream Spotify to your Apple TV using the Spotify App. No need to use Airfoil, Porthole or an extra remote at all.

Sound quality:
When using the Spotify mobile app 320 kbps. (tick Extreme in the settings)


Spotify will work on every ZonePlayer, original models and the new ZonePlayer S5. Music can be controlled from the Sonos controller and  the Sonos iPhone and new iPad apps.

You need to have a Premium account to access Spotify on your Sonos.


Spotify music is streamed at 320Kbit/s, so audio quality is great. You can play a single track in multiple rooms, or stream up to 32 different tracks at once to different ZonePlayers.

Philips Streamium

Models MCi8080 and MCi900 of Philips Streamium are Spotify ready..

You'll need to have a premium subscription to access the service.

Sound quality:
320 kbps


Western Digital Media Player

The WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub give you access to the Spotify music library and functions such as the managing playlists and sharing music with friends.

You'll need to be a premium subscriber to access the service.

Sound quality:
320 kbps



Boxee Box users with a Spotify Premium subscription can enjoy on-demand access to Spotify’s millions of available tracks directly on their TV and audio set. (Boxee has HDMI, Optical Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Composite Audio Connectors)


Sound quality:
320 kbps


All you need is a Spotify Premium subscription and a Squeezebox Radio or Touch and you can start streaming the entire Spotify collection.

Sound quality:
320 kbps

Onkyo, Marantz en Denon receivers

The number of AV receivers supporting Spotify is steadily growing.

Here is the list so far:


Check the list.

Marantz: SR7007, SR6007, SR5007 en NR1603.

Denon: AVR-2113, AVR-3313 en AVR-2313


A Spotify Premium subscription is required.

Sound quality:
320 kbps

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