Spotify manual: create an account

Never tried Spotify before? Let us guide you through the basics so you can start enjoying right away.


Create an account

Go to

You can open an account with using your Facebook login or your email address.

Click Register and your account will be created. The Spotify installer will be downloaded automatically. There is a Windows and MacOS version. The Spotify website detects your operating system and downloads the appropriate version.

Install the program and start Spotify

Enter your Facebook email and password an click Log in.


 Spotify will start up. The first you want to do is search for your favorite music.


Enter the name of an artist or a song in the Search field.

Spotify will come up with a list of results in Tracks, Playlists, Artists and Albums.

Click "Show All Results" or hit the enter key to show all the results.

Wait! Ignore this list and click the name of the artist. See the yellow arrows in the picture below

Then you have the entire discography of this artist at your fingertips.



It's hard to show this in a picture, but in the Spotify client you can scroll down the list with top hits, albums and singles.

Note the Biography, Related Artists and Start Artist Radio. ( we will get back to this later)



Click a song and Spotify starts playing right away. As if the song is on your hard disk.

While listening, search for an another song, right click the song and click Queue, to add this to the Play queue. You can also drag and drop the song to the Play Queue in the left column.



If you don't want to keep searching all the time. How about starting up a radio station based on your favorite artist or song?

Click Radio in the left column.

You can start Radio from the search results as well.

And how about Artist Radio from the Artist page?

We guess your will be busy listening and searching for a while. Once you are ready head on to part 2 of our manual