Spotify manual: how to create a playlist

Before we start with the playlist options, let's take a closer look at the items in the left column.

Left column


What's new
An overview of new releases on Spotify
Your friends on Facebook and Spotify
Other users can send songs, albums and playlists to your Inbox
Play Queue
Songs waiting to be played automatically
Shows your iPod when connected with a USB cable. Your iPhone or Android when connected to the same WiFi with  Spotify app running.


App Finder
Shows all available apps
123 Top Lists
Top songs and albums in various countries and you own top songs.
Start a radio station based on an artist or a song


Your personal music collection containing:
Local files
Songs on your hard disk imported in Spotify
Songs you have bought using the Spotify buy option
Songs you have marked as favorite

One thing is missing still. Your favorite playlists. Let's create one.

How to create a Playlist

Click New Playlist in the left column and enter a name.

In this example we will name this "My First Playlist"

Adding songs to the playlist can be done in two ways:

Using the right mouse menu
Right click a song and use Add To -> My First Playlist.

Drag and drop
Select the song, hold down the mouse key and drag it to My First Playlist in the left column.

Turn an album into a playlist

Right click the album and choose Add To -> New Playlist.

You don't have to change the title of the playlist. Spotify automatically uses the album title.

Import Local Files

Let's import your collection of MP3s on your hard disk. Maybe this has already been done, because Spotify indexes a few standard folders like My Music and adds the MP3, AAC and WAV files to the Library in Spotify.

Is your Library still empty or do you miss some songs?

Go to Edit in the title menu, click Preferences( or use Ctrl + P)

Local Files shows the folders that Spotify has indexed, like:

You can add extra folders using Add Source.

Note: Spotify doesn't play or index WMA files!

Ready for the next step?