Spotify manual: find songs and playlists

We have showed you how to search music within the Spotify client.

There are more ways to discover music on Spotify.

Spotify Apps

Click the App Finder to display a list of applications that make Spotifyan even better and prettier music machine.

Try out these apps by clicking the icon. If you like it you can add this app to the left column of your Spotify client by clicking ADD.

Some examples:


Sing-a-long or read-a-long. TuneWike shows the lyrics in a synchronised way.


Interactive playlists by which you can listen with your friends or other Spotify users. Vote for a song to influence the order of playback, add songs and chat with the other listeners.

Start your very own "listening room"  by dragging a playlist to the app. Invite your fiends and enjoy..


Websites for songs and playlists

Lots of websites provide links to songs, albums and playlists on Spotify. A closer look at a few interesting sites.


Let's start with having a look at your Facebook account. If your Facebook friends use Spotify you can see what songs, albums and playlists they have listened to. One click an Spotify starts playing them.

Click the Music app in the left colum and follow instructions.


Facebook has a lot more to offer. It records all the music you have listened to on your profile page. Check your profile and you will see.


If you are more into Twitter, check our Spotify Twitterstream.


Other websites links to some predefined playlists like the Billboard Hot 100. One click and you can listen the entire list.

Hotspotify is just an example. Check our overview of recommended sites for Spotify playlists

If you want to add this playlist to your collection of playlists click Subscribe.

The playlist  appears in your Library and will be updated automatically, so you will have access to the latest version of the Billboard Hot100 in example.

Click the arrow behind subscribers for an overview of other Spotify users who have subscribed to this list.

This brings us to the next subject:

Check playlists created by other users

Click the arrow next to subscribers and click the name of a user and this is what you get:

An overview of all playlists that this user has created or subscribed to. You can add this user to your Favorites to keep track of his/her playlists

Tip! If you know the Spotify username you can also try it like this. Enter spotify:user:[username] in the Search field. 

Edit your Spotify profile

You can edit your profile in the Spotify Preferences (Edit -> Preferences)

So far we have looked at what and where other users share their Spotify music.

Now let's see how you can share your music.