Spotify manual: share music

Spotify lets you share music in a number of ways, on websites, Twitter, e-mail, Facebook you name it.

Send a song to the inbox of another Spotify user

Just drag and drop the song to the name of the user in the People list.

If you feel like it add a personal message.

This is what shows up in his inbox.

Share using Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or MSN Messenger

Click the Share button next to the track

Choose Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or MSN Messenger.

This Share icon is also available for albums and playlists. You can share thes in the same way.

Sharing can be done via the right mouse menu as well. Right click a song, album or playlist and choose. Share to...



Sharing on sites, blogs and email

Use the right mouse menu.  Choose Copy HTTP link and paste the link.

The result will look like this:

Some sites require the so called Spotify URI: spotify:track:6rxEjkoar48SssZePbtb2x

Collaborative playlist

You can turn your own playlists in a collaborative one. This means that any other user can add songs to this list. Great if you have a party. You can ask your guests to add the songs they want to hear. As far as the music is concerned you can not go wrong.

Drag and drop is the easiest way to add songs. Want to give it a try? Open the SpotiDJ list and add a song you like. integration

Spotify already adds to the songs you play to your Facebook

Do you have a account as well ? Spotify can scrobble the songs you play.

Clik Edit->Preferences in the title menu, enter your account details in the section and check "Scrobble to".