Spotify Manual: Try Premium

Getting the hang of Spotify? Why not give Premium a try?

Good news! You can try Premium for 7 days for free. (Currently not in the US)

You need to enter your credit card details but if you cancel within 7 days your credit card will not be charged. Should you forget to cancel no worries. You can still cancel your subscription monthly.

Should this free trial not be available in your country, you can sign up and cancel right away so your credit card or PayPal will be charged for one month only.

Spotify E-card

If you don't have a credit card or PayPal or don't want to give your details to Spotify there is another option to try Spotify Premium for a limited period. Ask a friend to buy you a Spotify E-card.

Is your account upgraded to Premium? Time to have a closer look at the extra's you get.

Better sound quality

Spotify Premium offers high quality streaming. You can switch it on like this:

  • Clck Edit in the title menu
  • Click Preferences
  • Go to the Playback section and check High quality streaming.

All streams are now be delivered in 320 kbps in stead of the usual 160 kbps,

Go Mobile

If you have a compatible smartphone and internet bundle you can stream songs on your mobile phone.

Download the Spotify App in the iTunes App Store (free)

The Spotify App is available in Market Place on your phone.

Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson) and Windows
 this list to see if your phone is compatible and surf with your mobile phone to

Offline use:  3.333 tracks on 3 different devices

Spotify Premium's killer feature is the option to save songs on a device for off-line play back. Listen to your favorite music even when you don't have an internet connection. Works on your smart phone, iPod Touch, iPad, most other tablets and any laptop or netbook.

With one Spotify Premium account  you can save up to 3.333 tracks on 3 devices In example:

3 smartphones

smartphone,  laptop, iPad

It is possible to use the offline feature on all 3 devices simultaniously, When online, only one person can listen.

Offline usage:

Let's show you how it works on an iPhone:

  • Make sure you have a WiFi connection
  • Go to Playlists, pick a Playlist and set Available Offline to Yes.

The songs will now be synched to your iPhone. You can also use a 3G connection but in that case the whole process may take a lot of time and maybe money in case have a limited internet bundle.

To avoid using your mobile internet accidently go to Settings and set the Offline Mode.

On other smart phones the procedure is more or less the same.

Spotify on Sonos, Onkyo and Western Digital

A premium subscriptionalso makes it possible to use Spotify on your Sonos system, Onkyo reciever or WD Media Player. Check this page for more details.

There is a lot more

Spotify has far more options, but this manual was meant to show you the basics. You will probably figure out the rest yourself. Make sure you check our Spotify tips and follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for updates and tips.