Spotify apps for mobile phones and tablets

An overview of the best Spotify apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile.

You probably all know the official Spotify App for iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry. So let's skip these and put the spotlights on some interesting third party apps.

A Spotify iPad app

Something millions of Spotify users have been waiting for. A Spotify App for the iPad. Good news, it is there. The app is called Spotable. Not made by Spotify, but by The Famous Software Company using the Spotify API.

But who cares, it works and it looks a whole lot better than the iPhone app on your iPad

The app has most of the Spotify basic functions and it sure is nice to browse collections and even read the artist bio while listening.

It is not 100% perfect yet, you cannot create playlists and there is no connection with your Facebook friends (should you miss this). But for the rest most features are there including off-line syncing.

Now let’s wait and see if Spotify can top this.

You need a Spotify Premium subscription of course but Spotable is available for free in your local iTunes App Store.



SpotON Radio

SpotON brings Spotify Radio to your iPhone. Pick one of your favorite artists, and tap to create unique radio stations similar to their style. Think Pandora. Like and dislike songs to fine tune your station.

Free download at your local iTunes App Store

for iPhone and iPad

Soundrop Radio

Probably you know Soundrop already as an App in the Spotify App Finder. Soundrop is a social jukebox app for Spotify. Enter live music rooms and listen to what’s being played, or become the DJ and add tracks or vote up songs to be played next. Now you can use it on your iPhone as well.

Free download at your local iTunes App Store

for iPhone and iPad



Unlike for most other apps you don’t even need a Premium account. The app works with all Spotify accounts, Free included! A remote for Spotify on your iPhone or iPad to control Spotify from your couch via WiFi.

You can import your playlists and play them from your lazy chair. Louder, softer, next track, previous track, no problem. You don’t even have to stand up to start Spotify. During playback your iPhone shows the album cover and the track info.

Remoteless is available in the App store. You need to install the Remoteless helper on your computer to make it work. This Remoteless Helper can be downloaded at .

for iPhone and iPad



Throwing A Party? Let guests vote for the songs they want to hear at your event. Everyone can be the DJ.


Guests can join in at on any web capable mobile phone. They can vote on songs and even add songs to the playlist. Top songs play next.

for iPhone and iPad

Utubify - Spotify Music Videos

Utubify is one of the rare apps for Android, but it sure is a nice one.

Just type in your Spotify user name and Utubify will give you the music videos of all songs in your published playlists. Free download at the Android market

for Android

The webversion can be found at


More iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps

Beautiful Clock Radio for iPhone with Spotify & Alarm This clock radio app can wake you up to a streaming radio station or your favorite Spotify playlist. An iPad version is also available.

Metafy for Spotify: Searches Metacritic, cross-references with Spotify (the streaming music service) and builds a finger-friendly list of albums. Tap one and BAM! -- it's open in Spotify.

MSearch (for Spotify) Having a hard time finding your music in Spotify? Don't know the exact spelling? Only remember a few words from the lyrics? MSearch will find it for you. Access thousands of ready-made playlists from ShareMyPlaylists users. The playlists are searchable by genre, artist, track, or title.

Spotalarm (for Spotify) You can build a wake-up playlist from your favorite music on Spotify or YouTube, For iPhone and iPad.

Spotify Shortcuts  Copy-and-paste Spotify playlists and songs into this app to save them as icons on your home screen for easy access.

Spotilicious (for Spotify)  Create Spotify radio playlists for a given era or genre.

Spotiseek  Spotiseek helps you find new Spotify music. Find music similar to your favourite artists and create mixtape playlists for Spotify.

Spotlib : Import your music collection from to play in Spotify.

Spoty – a remote This simple remote app controls the Spotify desktop client on a Windows computer over your wireless network.

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