Spotify tips

A selection of tips and tricks for Spotify users. Do you have a tip that is not listed yet? Contact me!


Stop sharing on Facebook

No need to share all the songs you listen to on Facebook.

You can switch off sharing on Facebook by using the switch in the upper right.


Do you prefer not to share during your current session? Click File in the title menu and check "Private Session".


Spotify without Facebook

Would you love to sign up for Spotify, but you don't have (or want) Facebook? Here is a workaround.



Convert your Spotify playlists into a YouTube playlist. Utubify has a great interface and plays the video in full screen. You sort of create your own old style MTV. 

Try this sample playlist. I know you will like it.

Check Spotimy for new releases

The Want's New feature in Spotify is not that good. Want to know what's really new? Check

The latest releases, best reviewed albums and more..

Spotimy is also a place for you to manage the music that you listen to on Spotify. You can add any of the albums on this site to your Spotimy Library and place them into folders.

Your own music collection in the cloud!


It sure is nice to have all your music in the cloud, available anywhere at any time. But don’t you miss the row or CDs or the shelfs full of LPs? The column in Spotify with all your albums and playlists is fine, but not the best solution for showing off your personal collection.

The guys behind Spotiorg created an excellent solution for this. Just login with Facebook and you can build your own album collection on line.


Are you checking Spotify every day to see if this new album was released?

No need to. Just enter the artist or album at Spnotify and you will receive a notification as soon as it’s available.


Add Spotify links to

Why not add Spotify links to


Notice the green music notes?  Click them and you can start listening in Spotify right away.

You need to install the Greasemonkey script for this. Greasemonkey is an extension that can be used to customize web page content, layout and functionality.

Install Greasemonkey and the script

Google Chrome
No need to install Greasemonkey, just install script.

Internet Explorer

Better sound quality?

If you have a premium account don't forget to set High quality streaming.

Go to the title menu and click Edit->Preferences

All streams are now be delivered in 320 kbps in stead of the usual 160 kbps,